Red Flag

Red Flag is a synthpop act founded in 1984 in San Diego by brothers Chris and Mark Reynolds. After the death of Mark in 2003, Chris has continued as a solo act since 2007 under the name Red Flag.

Hailing from Liverpool, England, and after growing up there, the brothers moved to locations such as Montreal and Seattle, following their father’s itinerant job. In 1979,[1] the family settled in California, arriving first in Los Angeles.[2] The brothers first started playing electronic music in 1982, when Mark Reynolds bought a Roland Juno-60 synthesizer over a guitar on a trip to a music store.[2][3] The first song they recorded, “Distant Memories”, under the name Shades of May, was discovered and selected for a compilation album by San Diego radio station 91X in 1984, prompting them to move to San Diego. Shades of May subsequently received offers to play live, and the brothers began to study music and computer technology seriously in turn.[4] In this interim, the band also changed its name to Red Flag. Later, the name would frequently be associated with the red flag iconography of the Soviet Union, though the band insisted that it was taken from a warning signal used in surfing.[1]

Red Flag’s 2002 remix albumWho are the Skulls?, featured other synthpop artists such as Information Society‘s Paul RobbCosmicity, Provision, and Rob Rowe of Cause & Effect. The concept of the album was to organise a project in answer to the many requests from other remixers to work with the band.[14]

In 2007, Chris Reynolds resumed recording as Red Flag and released the album Born Again to acclaim among the gothic community.[19]

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