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Alesia Arkusha (Miss Monique)

Alesia Arkusha, more famous in electronic music world under the name Miss Monique, passed all thorny road from the beginner to the true professional DJ. Great success was achieved thanks to creation of popular podcast called Mind Games and MiMo Weekly on Youtube and also releases on such famous labels as Black Hole Recordings & Bonzai Progressive.[1]. Her musical style is an eclectic fusion of progressive house and techno, allowing a broad spectrum of performance possibilities to perfectly suit both small intimate gigs as well as festival headline stages [2].

Everything began in far 2011. Alesia actively gives perfomances in Ukraine for 2 years, having visited practically all Ukrainian cities. 2013 marked with creation of radio show called Mind games. Growth of its popularity allowed to gain huge base of foreign listeners. Thanks to this Monique begins to act on foreign concert halls and in 2014 begins cooperation with Freegrant Music label.

The tracks which are released on a label were highly appreciated by world’s leading DJs, in particular Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold and others [3]. Hailing from the Ukraine, Miss Monique has steadily risen to prominence and is now one of the most recognized DJs in and around Eastern Europe, making waves on the international circuit. Her acclaimed Mind Games podcast has now garnered more than two million views on YouTube, whilst 2016 saw her performing over 100 shows as far afield as China, Mexico, and Egypt [2].

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